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Our story

Gold Mobile Software, Inc. is composed of entrepreneurial software engineers, business analysts, and thought leaders with the goal of helping businesses make the most out of their current assets. We cater to retail merchants up to Fortune 1000 companies and provide them with custom enterprise-grade software solutions that provide them with automated sourcing processes, operational efficiency, and customer engagement tools that enable them to have a full view of their entire business continuum as well as provide them with critical insights that greatly aid their overall decision-making and strategy-planning processes. In partnership with US agencies and companies, we have most recently provided our services for Brands and companies such as Geico, MasterCard, Interstate, and EzReferral Network.

Since our inception, we have been eliminating process painpoints and addressing loopholes, bottlenecks and workflow gaps through our custom-built solutions that are tailor-fitted to our clients' short-term and long-term business goals. In addition, we have the full capaciy to work effectively and efficiently in providing our clients unbiased solutions that are a perfect balance of value, performance, reliability, and cost.

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We're just getting started!
Major industries where our services are being used. We're aiming for more!
man hours saved on various business processes after our solutions were put in place.
ground up web, mobile and services projects released to production.
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*Projects listed were in coloboration or were outsourced to us by US partners.
Our services
Data Exchange Services
Expand your line of business applications. Connect.

From HR Information System, Operations Control and Maintenance, up to Business Analytics, you may already have a plethora of software applications each specializing on the different processes within a company. Let them talk with each other using our Data Exchange Services and produce process information or operational analysis on one or all areas of your business at any given time.

Turn your silo based applications into an ecosystem of applications that works together. Get a global dashboard that collate valuable information across your internal groups. Build core functionalities like reporting, notifications, inter group workflows and many other tools that all your sub systems can utilize. Easily take advantage of the latest technologies without requiring you to let go of your legacy systems.

Business Process Automation
Modular enterprise-grade line of business applications on the cloud or on premise. Crafted specifically for you and your business needs.

Our custom solutions allow our customers to increase their operational efficiency in different areas of the business such as accounting, logistics, inventory, HR and many more. Our combined years of experience with enterprise application development allows us to offer a boutique of services from product conceptualization to service delivery.

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Geo Location
Custom Tools
Idea and Product Implementation
Got an Idea or a Product you want developed?
Build it with us.

Use our technical know-how and our successful project delivery experience. Our team of business analysts will help you every step of the way from planning to converting business and product ideas to technical documents that pave the way for successful software execution. Our developers’ years of experience bring you the best balance of quality, performance, value, speed of development and support. Our overall experience as a team gives you unparalleled advantage and cost savings.

Security System Integration

We have teamed up with Unified Security and Research Specialists Inc and security system manufacturers to further enhance your security experience whether you want to control your employees’ access to business-critical information, limit their physical accesses to your controlled areas, or integrate biometrics, RFID, elevator access with your existing HR system. Our security system integration will also go for that extra mile to provide you with business insights and savings brought about by knowing where your resources are, who has access to them, and what they do with them.

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